How To Use Ben Wa Balls

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Ben Wa Balls

Choose the right time to try your Ben Wa Balls for the first time, a moment that will allow you to have some time for yourself and that you expect to be at home for at least a couple of hours.

Ben Wa Balls can be used by women of all ages and life stages, but are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Inserting Ben Wa Balls


  • First empty your bladder. It will make it easier to hold the Ben Wa balls in.

  • Clean hands and vagina before insertion.

  • Wash the Ben Wa Balls with soap and water before insertion.

  • Use a water based lubricant on the vagina to help them glide in.

  • If you have not done this before, lay down.

  • Breathe deeply to make sure your vaginal muscles relax.

  • Slip one Ben Wa ball at a time, if you are standing, lifting one leg up will help.

  • If the Ben Wa Balls have a string make sure that the string sits outside the body for easy removal.

To facilitate a natural and comfortable insertion, we advise you to make slight contractions of the pelvic floor. To accentuate their effect, we recommend to push the Ben Wa balls deep. Do not hesitate to use a finger to facilitate their insertion.

How to use Ben Wa balls?

Once the Ben Wa balls have been inserted into your vagina, you can use them in two different ways:


  • Active use: making Ben Wa Ball exercises or having sexual intercourse.

  • Passive use: after inserting the Ben Wa Balls, you can go about your usual activities (sitting, standing, walking around). They will not interfere with your daily living.

At first you may feel a slight weight bearing down internally. This is normal. When your pelvic muscles become stronger this sensation will go away. For some women, Ben Wa Balls will feel no different than a tampon and within a few minutes, they will not feel them at all.

Based on the weight of your Ben Wa Balls, when you go about your usual routine, you will feel them jiggling inside your vagina. The feeling of the Ben Wa Balls is very slight, this slight movement of the inner balls, will tighten your pelvic floor muscles. You could eventually begin to feel aroused, it depends on your sensitivity.

You can also use the Ben Wa Balls during intercourse, your partner's penis will move the balls around inside you. Men love the extra sensation created by the Ben Wa Balls during intercourse and women could eventually experience their first cervical orgasm.

Ben Wa Balls Placement

Ben Wa Balls should never be painful or uncomfortable to wear, you may not have inserted the Ben Wa Balls up high enough. You may need to apply more lubricant to help the insertion, this is very important for menopausal women.

To better train your posterior pelvic muscles, which are involved in incontinence, make sure to insert the Ben Wa Balls up high enough.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

However, if wearing properly inserted Ben Wa Balls is uncomfortable or painful, it is imperative to stop using them and consult your gynecologist or obstetrician. Wearing Ben Wa Balls for too long may produce the opposite effect and result in an abnormally increased muscle tone called hypertonia.

How to remove Ben Wa Balls?

The Ben Wa Balls removal is very simple and easy, but just pulling them by the string is not the right way to remove them. This is a bad habit that must be fought because it prevents the pelvic floor to control its mucles by itself.


  • It is important to combine the perineal muscle relaxation and the use of the removal string, so you need to relax your pelvic floor muscles and gently pull the string at the same time.

  • After using the Ben Wa Balls, make sure to carefully clean the Ben Wa Balls for future use.

If you have any difficulty or your pelvic muscles are too tense up, stop pulling the string. Take a deep breath, relax and try again. Squatting or standing with a leg up on a chair may help you to gently push the Ben Wa Balls out.

If there is no string you can try coughing, sneezing, bearing down, standing up and walking about, jumping up and down and obviously adding more lubrication could help. If you are still having a hard time to remove them and are worried about it, just use a set that has a removal string.

For How long can you keep Ben Wa balls in?

First time users should start out with a small set of Ben Wa Balls and graduate up to larger and heavier ones and should use them at home before wearing them out in public.

Ben Wa Balls can be worn daily and first time users should start by wearing them 5 minutes at a time, then 10 minutes and gradually increasing the time up to 5 to 10 hours per day.

It may take a few weeks to get there, especially if your pelvic floor muscles are very weak. At first, do not wear them for too long and make sure your Ben Wa Balls did not create any irritation or soreness allowing you to wear them for longer periods of time.

If you are wearing them while doing your usual activities around the house you will be able to go longer, probably a few hours every day. Everyone’s body reacts differently so play it safe and don’t start wearing them for too long.