How To Choose Ben Wa Balls

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Ben Wa Balls

Choosing the right Ben Wa Ball especially when starting out can be a challenging task. They come in different sizes, weights, materials, designs, styles and you have to consider their safety, hygiene and if they come with adjustable weights. Choosing the right Ben Wa Ball that fits your needs has to match your size, weight and pelvic floor strength.

First time users might find it helpful to start with the lightest and largest size. As they gradually strengthen and tone their pelvic muscles to hold the balls inside their body, they will be able to move to heavier and smaller sizes.

Ben Wa Balls Sizes

Ben Wa Balls are available in a range of different sizes with some balls better sized to suit some women more than others. Make sure that the Ben Wa Ball you choose feels comfortable and stays in place while standing.

Internal Vaginal Canal SizeDiameter
Small25 to 30 mm
Medium30 to 33 mm
Large33 to 36 mm & +

Ben Wa Balls should not be too large, otherwise it would be too easy to effortlessly keep them in. Ben Wa Balls that are too small could create unpleasant sensations while wearing them and eventually fall out.

Small diameter Ben Wa Balls will best fit women who never had children or are under 30 years. The optimal Ben Wa balls size ranges in average from 25mm to 35mm of diameter, obvioulsy if your vagina is very loose opt for a large diameter.

Ben Wa Balls Weights

Ben Wa Balls are available in different weights and varies from one brand to another. Ideally the weight should be proportional to your size, weight and existing pelvic floor strength. The optimal Ben Wa Balls weight ranges in average from 60gm to 120gm.

The weaker your pelvic muscles the lighter the Ben Wa Ball should be, conversely the stronger your pelvic floor muscles the heavier the Ben Wa Balls should be.

Some Ben Wa Balls are available in sets including a range of progressively weighted Ben Wa Balls well suited to progressing kegel exercises. This feature allows to start with the most appropriate weighted ball and progress to a heavier weighted ball as desired.

If you are a first time user you should start with a 50gm Ben Wa Ball and gradually increase the weight up to 100gm once your pelvic floor muscles will be strong enough.

Ben Wa Balls Materials

Chosing Ben Wa Balls with smooth non porous surfaces, allow for thorough cleaning and are more hygienic, preventing any risk of bacteria buildup, like glass ben wa balls, silver ben wa balls, metal ben wa balls, stainless steel ben wa balls, jade ben wa balls, steel ben wa balls, silicone ben wa balls, latex ben wa balls or pc/abs ben wa balls.

The type of material has a big influence on the overall experience. The level of difficulty to hold the Ben Wa Balls inside your vagina varies a lot based on the material. Stainless steel and glass Ben Wa Ball are more difficult to hold in and will fit more advanced users, while silicone, latex, polymer and plastic Ben Wa Balls are usually easier to hold in.

Buying Ben Wa Balls in sex shops is a risk, some of the ben wa balls they sell are not designed to be in prolonged contact with mucous membranes of the vagina. These Ben Wa Balls are not waterproof and can easily accumulate bacteria. Some manufacturers even use materials known to be carcinogen.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls Designs

Single Ball: hollow or not, with or without inner balls.

Two Balls & more: These are called Duotone Balls and are two or more Ben Wa Balls attached by a string or cord or a silicone coating which makes them easier to remove, each ball being encased in another larger ball, usually made of plastic, latex, or silicone.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls Styles

String: Some Ben Wa Balls come with a string and others do not. The non-stringed version are recommended for cleanliness reasons because it makes it much more difficult to clean the balls after their use while stringed Ben Wa Balls versions are easier to clean and to remove.

Adjustable weight: Some Ben Wa Balls are available in sets of balls that include a range of progressively weighted Ben Wa Balls well suited to progressing Ben Wa Ball exercises. These sets of Ben Wa Balls allow you to start with the most appropriate weighted ball and progress to a heavier weighted ball as needed.

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls: Some Ben Wa Balls have a vibrator built-in. They have a controller connected via a wire, which is quite inconvenient, or can be controlled by remote control. These Ben Wa Balls fit into the sex toy category and are not done for pelvic toning and cannot be used for Kegel exercises.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls Safety

Consider the following when choosing your Ben Wa Balls to ensure the safety of your pelvic exerciser and your pelvic floor:


  • Quality: poor quality Ben Wa Balls wear signs of use quickly, most of the time they are cheap imitations.

  • Materials: use quality Ben Wa Balls that are phthalate free and made with body safe PC/ABS or medical grade silicone. Phthalates are used to soften and increase plastics durability but there are health concerns over their use and some countries banned them.

  • Allergies: use quality Ben Wa Balls made of a material you are not allergic to.

  • Cleaning: opt for Ben Wa Balls that can be boiled and sterilized and avoid Ben Wa Balls with deep ridges and grooves that are difficult to clean properly.

  • Guarantee: product and materials guarantee can give you an additional assurance regarding the quality and safety of your Ben Wa Ball.

  • Lubricant: choice is also important because petroleum or silicone-based lubricants can erode surfaces made in plastics. Water-based lubricants are the most appropriate choice when it comes to Ben Wa Balls as they will not erode their surfaces and are safer for vaginal tissues.

  • Safety approval – choose a FDA approved Ben Wa Ball to assure you of the safety of your product.